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Patriotic Pillow: Make Your Own!


As promised, today I’m bringing you instructions for how to make your own patriotic USA pillow as featured in my Fabulous Fourth Table Setting. This is a quick and simple project, you could easily make several to toss around as accents at your 4th of July festivities. I used a plain denim tote bag as […]


Fabulous Fourth Of July Table


I decided to do a test run of my table setting for Independence Day. I thought I’d challenge myself by just gathering things from around the house to fit the theme instead of rushing out to buy more stuff. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in belongings, even while being grateful for the excess. It […]


I Will Remember You.


I’ve seen a lot of finger-shaking posts reminding us that Memorial Day isn’t about happy family picnics and barbeques, beaches and kites and lemonade. Today we should be bowing our heads and weeping at the loss of our fallen soldiers. While I do think it’s so very important to never lose sight of the men […]


I am the spring, the holy ground.


I was reading an article recently about the paradox that social media has created. On the one hand, we wildly over-share every moment and detail of our lives in ways that would have been unthinkable, awkward and uncouth even ten or twenty years ago. At the same time we’ve developed a glossy white-washing effect that […]


Oh, Easter.


I’m working on a longer post about Easter with lots of photos, but for now I felt like this image summed up my feelings on the day quite perfectly. Yes.


Easter Bunny Place Cards


This is a companion craft that can be made along with my Carrot Candy Cone & Easter Puppets. You’re really just making an enlarged version of the bunny head puppet. This is a quick and easy project for kids of all ages, and the place holders make a cute addition to any Easter table! If […]


Carrot Candy Cones and Easter Puppets


This fun and easy painting craft for Easter has many possibilities! Even preschoolers should be able to help with the painting, while older kids can accomplish this project on their own. The puppets can be used just for decoration, or to tell a cute Easter story. You can use Popsicle sticks or small twigs for […]


Sweet Easter Dresses


One of the Easter dresses I ordered from Zulily for the girls arrived today! It’s even more beautiful in person and I could not be more pleased! It’s a bright fuchsia pink, sleeveless, full-length dress covered from top to bottom in roses. Each flower has glittery sequins at the center so every movement catches the […]


Shedding off old skin and new growth crackling through.


  I’ve been having fun playing around on Polyvore, learning to navigate the editing tools and add my own items. I still feel clunky at it, I have so much more to learn. This set includes everything I’d love to have in a grown-up, yet still glittery-pink-princess-at-heart, Easter basket. I absolutely adore that Damask Easter […]