Easter Bunny Place Cards


This is a companion craft that can be made along with my Carrot Candy Cone & Easter Puppets. You’re really just making an enlarged version of the bunny head puppet. This is a quick and easy project for kids of all ages, and the place holders make a cute addition to any Easter table! If you need any help or clarification, please feel free to ask.

Skill level: Easy/Beginner


White light-weight cardstock
Fine-point black Sharpie pen
Acrylic paint: I used DecoArt Americana in Electric Pink and Avocado
Pink micro-glitter
Pink ribbon
Popsicle sticks or small twigs


1.Print out the bunny head template below. You can either print as many as you’ll need directly onto the cardstock or you can print one sample bunny and trace it onto cardstock with your pencil. You can adjust the print-out to any size you’d like.

2. Cut out each bunny head. I chose to cut slightly outside of the outlines for a more defined look. Trace over the printed or pencil-traced features of the bunny with your Sharpie to give them a crisp, clean look. Along the outer curve of each ear, write the name of one of your guests.


3. Paint the inner ears, nose, mouth and eyelids pink. I also made a heart by each guest name and painted them pink. Apply glitter while paint is still wet, tapping excess off onto a piece of scrap paper. Let dry.

4. Paint the sticks green and let dry.

5. Tape sticks securely on backs of bunny heads, about two inches from one end of each stick. Cut lengths of ribbon and tie onto sticks directly below bunny heads, making each one into a bow.

Variations: You could also enlarge the chicks template from the puppet project to make chick place holders. You could use the same pattern to make a paper garland of bunnies or chicks!



All instructions, patterns and photos © Jenna Osborne. You have permission to print this project for personal or classroom use only. I would love to see your completed projects!



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