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You’re The Closest To Heaven That I’ll Ever Be.


My showy irises have made their appearance, spreading further this year.  I love the purple ones for their delicate, veiny tracework pattern of decoration, bleeding into saturated ink-stained pools at the end of each bottom petal. The iris was named from the Greek word for rainbow, denoting the multitude of colors the flowers span. In […]


Nuthatch and Wild Geranium


The cheerful Nuthatch is so fun to watch, climbing trees at a sheer incline, often upside down and backwards, while they peck at the bark to capture small insects.   Another spring favorite of mine is the Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum). These grow along the creek banks in the woods near my house, and I’ve […]


Bleeding Hearts: A Japanese Legend


I was so happy that one of my favorite flowers, the Bleeding Heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis), made it through the winter. I’m always fascinated with myth and legend, folklore and fairytales. I love tracing the paths these tales take, the ways in which they transform and mutate with time and distance, the ways they’re still evolving […]




Nothing makes the world feel quite as small and interconnected as gardening. Take the Weigela, for example: native to eastern Asia, named for a German scientist and imported to America by the British. It’s an international conference all in one shrub.  


You Say We’ll Never Make it There. So All We Do Is Circle It.


The sun finally came out, if only briefly. Keeping this blog has had the nice added effect of making me slow down and observe, to quiet all my thoughts and really look. Now I try to always have my camera nearby so I can capture my world for you. This is one of my favorite […]


Dredged in Flour, Deep Fat Fried, Cooled on Paper Towels and Then Devoured.


Spring in the woodlands of Ohio brings a rare treat: Fried Morel Mushrooms! The pioneer spirit lurking in the back of my brain, the one that wants to live self-sufficiently off the land, deeply connected with nature and the rhythms of our planet– that part of me rejoices at the thought of being able to […]


Kiss the Violets as They’re Waking Up.


I ventured out in the rain to capture some pictures of my Pink Crab-apple trees and tulips. Something about the water droplets and the diffuse light makes nature seem even more magical to me.


Female Northern Cardinal


Many prefer the flashier male of the species, and I admit those bold red feathers are hard to ignore. However, I think the ladies have a subtler, more refined beauty in their paler, dusky cloaks. While the human voicebox can produce only one sound at a time, a bird’s syrinx is a paired structure that […]