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I Will Remember You.


I’ve seen a lot of finger-shaking posts reminding us that Memorial Day isn’t about happy family picnics and barbeques, beaches and kites and lemonade. Today we should be bowing our heads and weeping at the loss of our fallen soldiers. While I do think it’s so very important to never lose sight of the men […]

Bullying Victims Should “Grow a Pair”


A pair of wings so they can flutter off into the sunset while avoiding their tormenters? A pair of machetes so they can so they can slice off a few heads? Ohhhh right. They should grow a pair of Magical Testicles, take it like a man, snitches get stitches. Excuse me while I vomit. This […]

How to Pin Down a Husband Using Only a Needle and a Naughty Wink


Desperate to Become a Housewife? Desigual Has the Answer! Yes, that’s right. For Mother’s Day, this Spanish clothing brand wants you to be cute, sassy…and knocked up. And what could be sexier than tricking a man into becoming a father? Screw honesty, family planning or the already saddening rate at which children are growing up […]


I am the spring, the holy ground.


I was reading an article recently about the paradox that social media has created. On the one hand, we wildly over-share every moment and detail of our lives in ways that would have been unthinkable, awkward and uncouth even ten or twenty years ago. At the same time we’ve developed a glossy white-washing effect that […]

‘Frozen’ Made Me Gay


…And by “gay” I mean oh so very happy. The controversy over hidden gay themes within this magical children’s cartoon? Not so much. “Oh that silly yam!” you’re probably thinking to yourself. “That’s ridiculous! She’ll say anything for a laugh.” But no. In case you haven’t heard, last month radio talk show host Kevin Swanson […]


Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar!


I wonder sometimes why modern slang sounds like screeching chalkboard nails to my ears, yet old-fashioned slang is so fascinating. For instance: “Oh-Em-Gee! I totes heart that dress! It’s like so amaze gorg and that sale price is ridic!” Perhaps I’m bothered by the lack of ingenuity. We aren’t really coming up with new words […]