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I rise, I rise, I rise.


Yesterday saw the passing of one of the great matriarchs of poetry, her voice so embedded in the history and landscape of this country that it is almost impossible to imagine it gone. How do you fill the space once occupied by a luminous giant? How do you describe an aching maw of silence with […]


Or Would I Leave This World Unknown? Salt For Salt and Bone For Bone.


  On Saturday, David Lamb of the folk band Brown Bird succumbed to leukemia in Providence, Rhode Island. He was only 35. Their music has always seemed displaced in history to me, as if you would expect to see them in grainy black and white footage at some deep south dance hall, the roof and […]

With the last breath of my soul I’ll be blessing you.


I heard a new song today- by all my faith lost from a tribute to black tape for a blue girl. It’s ethereal and lovely, all magical forest and slanted light through branches, seedpods drifting. It took me back immediately to being a teenager and started me thinking about my strange mixture of musical influences. […]