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Fabulous Fourth Of July Table


I decided to do a test run of my table setting for Independence Day. I thought I’d challenge myself by just gathering things from around the house to fit the theme instead of rushing out to buy more stuff. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in belongings, even while being grateful for the excess. It […]

Kids Academy Company App Review: Colorful, Fun & Educational!


Kids Academy Company Preschool and Kindergarten Learning is available for download on iTunes here. I try to limit the screentime of our 2-year old, to slow down the pace of her childhood in this every-quickening electronic world. That’s why I’m so pleased when we find an app that is both visually beautiful as well as […]

New Baby Needs $1562 Prize Package Giveaway!! 6/01-6/22 #NewBabyNeeds


  New Baby Needs Event Is HERE!! We Are Excited To Be Celebrating These New Additions!! Joy Of Momma Joyner and This Mama’s Life have just added new babies to their families! To celebrate, they have teamed up with an awesome group of bloggers and wonderful sponsors to bring you great products that a New […]


I Will Remember You.


I’ve seen a lot of finger-shaking posts reminding us that Memorial Day isn’t about happy family picnics and barbeques, beaches and kites and lemonade. Today we should be bowing our heads and weeping at the loss of our fallen soldiers. While I do think it’s so very important to never lose sight of the men […]


Cheesy Overstuffed Baked Potatoes


These are a long-time family favorite, perfect as a side dish or vegetarian option at cookouts but also a comforting meal in colder seasons.  They’re a decadent treat that practically make a meal all alone. Meat-eaters can add crispy, crumbled bacon. For a lighter version you can use a low-calorie butter substitute and reduced fat […]

Bullying Victims Should “Grow a Pair”


A pair of wings so they can flutter off into the sunset while avoiding their tormenters? A pair of machetes so they can so they can slice off a few heads? Ohhhh right. They should grow a pair of Magical Testicles, take it like a man, snitches get stitches. Excuse me while I vomit. This […]


In which Super Bubble Girl battles the Floppy-Tailed Mermaid!


Yesterday was quite eventful! First there was a trek over the snowy mountains with only our faithful sheepdog for protection. (Faithful Sheepdog ^^^^ ) We nearly died in an avalanche and were forced to swim back to the island to regroup. A rousing impromptu drumming session lifted our spirits and we were ready for another […]


You Say We’ll Never Make it There. So All We Do Is Circle It.


The sun finally came out, if only briefly. Keeping this blog has had the nice added effect of making me slow down and observe, to quiet all my thoughts and really look. Now I try to always have my camera nearby so I can capture my world for you. This is one of my favorite […]


Miss Naughty Wolf


This is the lovely Miss Naughty Wolf. She’s a wild woodland creature who loves to romp and chase through the trees, wallow in the cool water of the creek and bask in the sunshine.   Someone abandoned her here as a puppy, and she got her name from her razor-sharp, ankle-biting puppy teeth. For the […]