In which Super Bubble Girl battles the Floppy-Tailed Mermaid!


Yesterday was quite eventful! First there was a trek over the snowy mountains with only our faithful sheepdog for protection.


(Faithful Sheepdog ^^^^ )

We nearly died in an avalanche and were forced to swim back to the island to regroup. A rousing impromptu drumming session lifted our spirits and we were ready for another battle.

The swooshing of a truck passing by on the road made us remember we were at the ocean and there were probably sea monsters to be defeated.

“What does the sea monster look like Jiji?”

“Like a mermaid with a giant floppy tail!”

“That’s ok! Super Bubble Girl will save the day!” while wielding her light-up rainbow bubble gun. “Schooom schoom!”



“Watch out for her floppy tail, Super Bubble Girl!”

“I will be careful! Come on Super Doggie Thor!”

100_3988 100_393005



A great battle ensues. Smooshy cheek boy and I look on with grave concern, ready to jump in at any moment!


100_3949 100_3995

Super Bubble Girl and Super Doggie Thor come crawling sadly up the stairs, gasping their last dramatic dying breaths.


“Oh no, what happened?”

“Jiji! The mermaid got me with her floppy tail.”

“I feared this would happen! Here, quickly! Only these orange TicTacs can cure a mermaid tail flop.”


*cough, cough*

“No, I think I need some burritos to cure me.”

“Silly, I’m out of Doritos.”

We negotiated down to a huge cup of ice water (“Ahhh! That is SO fresh and shiny!”) which she mostly used to wash her hands and then pour down her shirt. More importantly, Super Bubble Girl will live to fight another day.

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    Haha I love it! Adorable!

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