Shedding off old skin and new growth crackling through.



I’ve been having fun playing around on Polyvore, learning to navigate the editing tools and add my own items. I still feel clunky at it, I have so much more to learn. This set includes everything I’d love to have in a grown-up, yet still glittery-pink-princess-at-heart, Easter basket. I absolutely adore that Damask Easter Bunny pattern from Williams-Sonoma. I can’t quite bring myself to buy a set of dishes that can only be used once a year BUT I am definitely daydreaming about it.

You know you’re a huge dork when you get excited over fonts. I was thrilled to see The King & Queen available on Polyvore. It has long been one of my favorites, but after several computer changes, it’s gotten lost. This was a good reminder that I need to install some new fonts to play with. I used it here to add a snippet of lyric from Icicle by Tori Amos, which was playing in my head. Certain bands and artists are strongly associated with seasons for me and Tori will always be Springtime, shedding off old skin and new growth crackling through.


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