One of the Easter dresses I ordered from Zulily for the girls arrived today! It’s even more beautiful in person and I could not be more pleased! It’s a bright fuchsia pink, sleeveless, full-length dress covered from top to bottom in roses. Each flower has glittery sequins at the center so every movement catches the light with sparkle and shine. It is fully lined and has a crinoline underskirt to add fullness.



The waist ties with a lovely silk bow in the back.


At the front of the ribbon sash is a larger rose with a rhinestone accent at the center.


I can’t wait to see the little boo in this on Easter! I also ordered a cute pair of glittery pink shoes to go with it, they should arrive very soon. Zulily is such a fun site, and the prices are amazing. Once I start looking I want to buy ZOMG ALL THE THINGS!




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