I received the second package of tights from Panther Legwear today and I’m thrilled! I won a two-month subscription to their black tights delivery service- which, how cool is that? I’ve seen a subscription box service for everything from fake nails to dog treats to sex toys; it’s about time someone thought of a sub I really need!

The first package scattered so quickly I didn’t even get a photo. That’s the danger of living in a house full of girls, with their hordes of friends constantly passing through. Anything cute that comes in the mail must be hidden or it will be snatched up before I can say “Sure you can have one pair of th….”. I was ready this time (or just lucky enough to be home alone). These lovelies are MINE and will soon be making my legs look sleek and sexy.

Both styles are perfect. The fishnets from Hue are my personal go-to stocking. When in doubt: fishnets!


But I absolutely can’t wait to try these studded black tights from DKNY. A little edgy and a fabulous match for my punk rock sensibilities.


The tights come packaged in cool black envelopes, addressed in metallic ink, which I find to be a nice touch. If you’re going to pay for mail every month, I feel the presentation is important. They also have bold color choices for you adventurous types. Make sure you check them out at PantherLegwear.com


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