I wonder sometimes why modern slang sounds like screeching chalkboard nails to my ears, yet old-fashioned slang is so fascinating. For instance: “Oh-Em-Gee! I totes heart that dress! It’s like so amaze gorg and that sale price is ridic!” Perhaps I’m bothered by the lack of ingenuity. We aren’t really coming up with new words or imparting new meaning to old phrases anymore- we’re simply snipping words into a kind of incomprehensible shorthand. It feels like we’re reverting to a caveman-like monosyllabic state.

Perhaps it’s a symptom of the current temperament of the world, a million plates spinning faster and faster in the air, endlessly going nowhere. We’ve sped things up to make more time but the excess time isn’t filled with any substance, it’s all cotton-candy reality television H.R. Puff n Stuff fluff. Anyway, my point here is, if you’re over 18 and still unironically using textspeak or chopped off versions of real words, I probably think you sound like a moron (which itself is a slang term, originally from the Greek, later used as a psychological condition and now meaning, well, exactly what you think it means).

Compare this to eras like the 1920s, which brought us such gems as “the bee’s knees” (someone or something extraordinary)., “drugstore cowboy” (a street-corner pick-up artist, what would be known today as a scrub) and “giggle water” (alcohol). If you used these today I’d think you were just the cat’s pajamas! And don’t even get me started on flappers, flyboys, dames and dappers.

The 30s and 40s were no slouches either. The title of this post is one example, which to modern ears sounds like some kind of kinky drinking game but back then was a command a bandleader would use to start a fast dance tune- “beat me” (meaning give me the beat) “daddy” (as in daddy-o/the drummer) and “eight to the bar” (meaning 8 beats to every bar of music,unlike the usual 4, which would give the song a quick, uptempo sound. A great example is The Andrews Sisters singing a song of the same name:

The 1950s were wild with new words, as rock n’ roll shook its hips across the country and greasers burnt rubber in their bent eights every Saturday night. If you wanted a dance, you might say “come on snake, let’s rattle!” but your date’s friends might pull her aside to tell her “Pinky’s out of jail” if her slip was showing. If you were lucky, the evening would end with some back-seat Bingo, but sometimes it was just Nowheresville and you’d have to agitate the gravel. (You might get to make out in the back seat but if things were too boring, you could hop in your hotrod and get out of there fast.)

The sixties were groovy, stoned and outta sight. The seventies found us jivin’, far out and dyn-o-mite. Can you dig it? I think during this time tv and movie catch-phrases really started to have an impact on youth slang. That trend exploded in the 80s when it seemed like entire movie franchises were built around a clever tagline. May the Force be with you.  If you build it, they will come. They’re here!  I’ll be back!

And I will. I will totes be are be. El oh el. Tee tee eff en!



One of the Easter dresses I ordered from Zulily for the girls arrived today! It’s even more beautiful in person and I could not be more pleased! It’s a bright fuchsia pink, sleeveless, full-length dress covered from top to bottom in roses. Each flower has glittery sequins at the center so every movement catches the light with sparkle and shine. It is fully lined and has a crinoline underskirt to add fullness.



The waist ties with a lovely silk bow in the back.


At the front of the ribbon sash is a larger rose with a rhinestone accent at the center.


I can’t wait to see the little boo in this on Easter! I also ordered a cute pair of glittery pink shoes to go with it, they should arrive very soon. Zulily is such a fun site, and the prices are amazing. Once I start looking I want to buy ZOMG ALL THE THINGS!





I received the second package of tights from Panther Legwear today and I’m thrilled! I won a two-month subscription to their black tights delivery service- which, how cool is that? I’ve seen a subscription box service for everything from fake nails to dog treats to sex toys; it’s about time someone thought of a sub I really need!

The first package scattered so quickly I didn’t even get a photo. That’s the danger of living in a house full of girls, with their hordes of friends constantly passing through. Anything cute that comes in the mail must be hidden or it will be snatched up before I can say “Sure you can have one pair of th….”. I was ready this time (or just lucky enough to be home alone). These lovelies are MINE and will soon be making my legs look sleek and sexy.

Both styles are perfect. The fishnets from Hue are my personal go-to stocking. When in doubt: fishnets!


But I absolutely can’t wait to try these studded black tights from DKNY. A little edgy and a fabulous match for my punk rock sensibilities.


The tights come packaged in cool black envelopes, addressed in metallic ink, which I find to be a nice touch. If you’re going to pay for mail every month, I feel the presentation is important. They also have bold color choices for you adventurous types. Make sure you check them out at PantherLegwear.com


I heard a new song today- by all my faith lost from a tribute to black tape for a blue girl. It’s ethereal and lovely, all magical forest and slanted light through branches, seedpods drifting. It took me back immediately to being a teenager and started me thinking about my strange mixture of musical influences.

Black tape, Gitane Demone and Christian Death, Clan of Xymox, Faith and the Muse…these were the Victorian side of my personality, the part of me that felt I’d been born long past my time, that felt this modern world to be garish and unseemly. Too many silicone breasts and blaring infomercials shoved up against me, rubbing me raw. The part of me that skipped school just so I could read more books. My memories of these bands are draped in endless yards of black lace, dragged out of dusty thrift-store boxes, tied up in black velvet ribbons and smeared with venomous red lipstick. Black fingernails, glistening spiderwebs, surf bats. I remember lying on the floor dreaming with a moon-pale, stick-thin strawberry girl, debating the merits of Billie Holiday singing Gloomy Sunday versus the Gitane version. Of course Billie won. Every single time.

Billie Holiday- Gloomy Sunday






I received this absolutely gorgeous black Tatted Lace Necklace from www.etsy.com/shop/TotusMel . I had never seen anything quite like it but fell instantly in love. It speaks of so many things- a bit gothic, a bit Victorian, a little steampunk-esque. definitely very feminine and pretty but with a gleam of darkness at the edges. The necklace is very well-made, with a black metal chain attached. I can picture it perfectly accenting the pale skin of my throat.

Her shop has so many lovely items. I am in total lust with this Lace Mask with tiny jewels https://www.etsy.com/listing/60488391/a-kind-of-pale-jewel-tatted-lace-mask?ref=shop_home_feat_1



I received this adorable package from Janice at http://www.maddiemoes.com/ – all the way from Ireland! It was wrapped up so prettily with love tape and handmade hang tags.

The cute muslin bag contains everything a child would need to get started sewing: a button-holding bottle with a pincushion lid plus plenty of buttons and lovely pastel-topped pins, a sweet assortment of fabrics, sewing needles in their own holder, a heart-shaped tin for holding extra pins and notions, a measuring tape, and scissors all color-coordinated!


This came at a perfect time, as my niece Brooklyn has been taking a home economics class this year and has become very interested in sewing and crafting. So far she’s only done projects from kits, but I told her I’d help her branch out into more complex areas and even making her own patterns. These fabric would be a great fit for a fresh spring project perhaps a cute purse or new dresses for her dolls. I will post later with pictures of the work in progress and the finished design.

In the meantime, check out Maddie Moes Etsy shop for handmade items with a vintage flair: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MaddieMoes?ele=shop_open





Facebook has been handing out a recent spate of punishments for those they deem to be over-liking pages or posting “inappropriate” content (which generally turns out not to be even remotely inappropriate). The punishment? A 30-day ban on liking any new pages plus automatically unfollowing any pages you’ve recently liked.

I’ve read in multiple places that this may be linked to liking too many pages in a short amount of time through the Rafflecopter widget. They also seem to be punishing bloggers who are on the receiving end of these likes through participate in large group giveaways. The explanation is that this is seen as like-harvesting activity and is against Facebook’s TOS.

Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of giant conglomerate giveaways, where you’re forced to like 50 or more pages at once in order to enter at all- for a tiny chance at a prize. However, putting arbitrary limits on the amount of pages we may like and the way in which we may like them is a bit ridiculous. Especially considering the websites I’ve seen that allow you to buy thousands of Facebook likes for a few dollars.

I think part of the problem is that these sites get so large that they believe they’re too big to fail. Facebook’s answer to this appears to be  “hey let’s snatch up all the competition!”- such as their recent acquisition of WhatsApp for $16 BILLION. I still feel they’ve forgotten the lessons of the past, such as sites like Myspace and Livejournal, and Second Life which people flocked to in droves before abandoning them into virtual ghost towns seemingly overnight.

It isn’t hard to see that the newest generation of teens are turning away from Facebook. For one, it’s too restrictive in terms of content you can post, erase and control the use of. Also, your PARENTS are probably on there, and in many cases your grandparents, teachers, church leaders. So while teens may have a Facebook profile, it’s a whitewashed version of their true selves, meant to divert adults from looking any deeper. Their real friends and real content are being posted and exchanged in places like Tumblr, Kik, Snapchat and Pheed.

It all reminds me of prehistoric dinosaurs,  roaring mightily across the planet, too large, too ferocious to ever question the continuation of their own existence. Then in one flickering blink, everything had changed.


I was recently chosen as the winner in SOHO Beauty Brand’s Pinterest contest. I am over the moon about the prizes: a travel makeover featuring their cool cases and a $500 Target giftcard!

The package arrived, with each item so prettily wrapped in tissue paper and a lovely handwritten card in PINK INK <3 .

I think my favorite is the hanging organizer, which folds and Velcros closed and features tons of clear, zippered storage space as well as some neat elastic holders perfect for sliding brushes into.


The small double zip organizer will be perfect for everyday use, with ample room for daily make-up essentials.


The hanging traveler folds and zips and has much more room for larger beauty items you’d need to pack while on vacation.


The bold, tropical colors have me dreaming of an island getaway. Preferably sipping ridiculous fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas while being fanned by overly muscular and scantily clad local boys.  Having a matching set makes me feel like a sophisticated world-traveler, ready to face down any adventure that might come my way. The first adventure being a shopping spree at Target!

Thanks again SOHO! Make sure you check them out at www.sohobeauty.com