Winner Announcements! Petbrosia, Soliel Toujours & Canvas HQ

The giveaways here at The Outspoken Yam have been going better than I could ever have expected. It’s a little intimidating as a new blog (heck, and probably still to long-time established bloggers) to put the effort into getting sponsors, take the time to put together a post and then just wondering if anyone will show up. It’s sort of like planning a party when you have no idea how many people are coming or who your guests will be.

But the response and support from both old friends and new has been heartening.

This is the fun part where I get to announce who won! The Petbrosia Pet Food Giveaway had 2097 entries and the randomly drawn winner was Dana R.! She will be using the pet food to help feed the hungry kitties that show up on her doorstep.

Dana was on a roll on my blog this week! I was notified by Soliel Toujours that she was a winner in the Sunscreen Giveaway as well. See, it pays to visit and enter often!

The winner in my Custom Canvas Print Giveaway, out of 3716 entries, was Tammie V. I loved hearing everyone’s sweet ideas about what they would have printed- everything from an ultrasound photo to triplets being pulled on a sled by a St. Bernard to a picture of a lighthouse that took two ferry rides and a six mile walk to capture! That’s one prize I really wish every single person could win.

Let me take a second to remind anyone entering to PLEASE add my email address ([email protected]) to your whitelist. I had to redraw in the Petbrosia giveaway after the initial winner didn’t respond. I do not want anyone to miss out on a prize! I will never spam you, the only time you will hear from me is if you’ve won or if I’m answering a question from you.

I have lots of fun new giveaways coming up including an adorable lace toddler/baby jumper, some beautiful Indian Sari pillow covers and contacts from Spooky Lenses! Yay! In the meantime, check out my current giveaways below and have a fabulous weekend!

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