Warby Parker Home-Try-On Program: 5 Days, 5 Pairs, 100% free!

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Some of you know I’m sharing custody of the Mighty Thor Thunderpaw with my mom. The problem is, they just don’t get along. Part of the reason might be because he does things like eating her glasses. Yes. I feel like I’m probably going to end up with full custody soon.

Anyway, lucky for my mom and anyone else with a voraciously nutso fuzzball in the family, it is easy to order new frames right from home with the Warby Parker Home Try-On Program.

The program is easy and won’t leave you stuck with glasses you hate! You simply:

  1. Browse the frames at Warby Parker and pick out 5 pairs, they will be shipped to you absolutely free
  2. Try them on in the comfort of your own home for 5 days. Ask your family & friends what they think
  3. Pick your favorites and purchase them at Warby Parker
  4. Pack up your samples & ship them back for free – no cost involved at all!

You can learn more about the HTO program here: http://www.warbyparker.com/home-try-on




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