I received a free package of these new Snuggle Scent Boosters to test out from the Snuggle Bear Den in exchange for my honest opinion.

I’m already a huge fan of this new “pac” trend for laundry. Those pre-measured ones with detergent and stain booster all ready to go in a small, neat, clean, self-dissolving ball are just such a nice convenience.

After trying the Snuggle Scent pacs, I have to say they will likely become another welcome part of my routine. They are similarly easy to just toss in the wash and go, no waiting for a certain cycle to add them. I found they dissolved completely with no mess. And most importantly: The scent! These are super strong in a great way. I tried out Lavender Joy, which was soothing, fresh and clean smelling. I prefer to use scent boosters in things like bedding and stuffed animals- items where a lingering good scent won’t clash with perfume or body care. I would personally not use these on my normal wardrobe- perhaps on work or work-out clothes.

These are definitely long-lasting and as the cooler months approach, will keep us snuggling down into cozy scented bliss!

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