The strange weather continues here, it warmed up to muggy and hot for a bit but this week has an almost autumnal chill. It’s fair time here in Southern Ohio, so the cool air is actually a pleasure for walking around to see the sights and ride the rides. Even though it’s nice, I can’t shake the feeling of wrongness- I can’t remember a single fair season when the temperatures didn’t soar into the triple digits.

The weather oddness is still playing tricks in my garden. I’ve accepted that the endless winter brutalized my roses beyond repair. I was hopeful I could nurse a few of them back to health, but honestly there was barely anything left living to nurse. If I go to the expense of replacing them, it probably won’t be until next year.

Even my entire hillside full of blazing orange lilies barely showed their pretty faces this summer.

In the meantime, other flowers and vegetables are thriving. My cucumbers are thrilled with the weather and the rhododendron looks like it was hung with huge pink ornaments, a self-decorating Christmas tree in July!

Your fun fact for the day: The rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal!

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