Liquid Chalkers Review

Somehow I had never heard of these Liquid Chalk Markers, but you kittens know if there’s a new crafty product I’m going to try it out. I tested the 4 pack of white chalkers, but I see they also come in an array of pretty colors!


These were super easy to use, you just shake it up like a paint marker, remove the cap and press the tip down several times until the liquid chalk starts to flow. They have a 6mm chiseled tip, which made it simple to write and draw with, and definitely gave more control than just a flat chalk.


The white chalk is bold and bright, standing out nicely on dark backgrounds. It does look almost more like a liquid marker than a chalk. Sort of the same effect you get with wet-applied eyeshadow- the color is deeper and more saturated.

The best part is that unlike markers, these wipe right off with a damp cloth! You can use them on any non-porous surface including ceramics, glass, metal, mirrors, white boards, and chalkboards with non-wood backing.

I can think of tons of uses for these, but the one that sprang immediately to mind was parties. Think about it: the kids can go crazy decorating surfaces that normally could never hold writing or designs. Then after the party they can have fun polishing everything back to its normal state. I’m picturing huge window murals for holidays. Even a game where one child stands in front of the glass front door and the others draw mustaches and facial expressions and accessories “on” that child from the opposite side of the door. That would make such cute photographs to take home as party favors.

My mind lately has been on the rapidly approaching fall. Back-to-school time but also Halloween, falling leaves, crisp cold air and the warm hearty foods that come with it. I thought these chalkers would be perfect on my huge cobalt blue soup cups. The white stands out so beautifully! This would be great for a fall get-together when we’re all hanging out on the porch snuggled into bright tartan blankets and chunky knit sweaters. I could dish up bowls of delicious homemade soup or cups of hot chocolate with the fluffiest marshmallows and each person can have their personalized mug. I could see leaving a bowl of the markers on the table so everyone can draw on their own dishes. These whimsical little touches are what help make memories that will last forever.

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**I have received the products mentioned in this post in exchange for my honest opinion. I only recommend products to my readers that I truly like and enjoy using.

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  1. I have one Liquid Chalk marker or whatever you call it. I used it to label my boxes in my closet. They are easy to use and I can re-do it if I mess it up! I love your cup!

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