Kids Academy Company App Review: Colorful, Fun & Educational!

Kids Academy Company Preschool and Kindergarten Learning is available for download on iTunes here.

I try to limit the screentime of our 2-year old, to slow down the pace of her childhood in this every-quickening electronic world. That’s why I’m so pleased when we find an app that is both visually beautiful as well as resoundingly educational.

Since she’s just starting to learn her letters and numbers, I can tell the app is going to be of great long-term use as her abilities are developed and reinforced. I love that it allows me to track her progress to see improvement over time. She seems to love tracing the letters and numbers, and the happy praise after each accomplishment makes her smile.

While I received compensation to download and try this app, my opinions and enthusiasm are genuinely my own!

2 thoughts on “Kids Academy Company App Review: Colorful, Fun & Educational!

  1. I agree with you about limiting time for children. They will spend enough time on the computer and such when they get older. But so glad to see that you found such a great app!

    • Yeah, I’m kind of old-fashioned, I really want them to grow up experiencing the world first-hand. Thanks for all you comments Robin and good luck in the giveaways!

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