“Real Beauty Can’t Be Seen.”


Surely I must soon grow sick of dystopian worlds and apocalyptic visions. Well, not as long as writers keep feeding my habit with books of this caliber. Why am I continuously drawn to stories involving the utter destruction or transformation of humanity? This phenomenon isn’t limited to the fantasies of misanthropic yams! Look around. Zombies … Read more

Mighty Thor Thunderpaw!


This little fluffball technically belongs to my mom. She got him for Christmas, but wasn’t over mourning her long-time companion Maltese who passed away in October. So he spends part of his days with me, tirelessly guarding my feet. On Sundays I give him his weekly spa treatments. Okay, it’s just a bath in my … Read more

I am the spring, the holy ground.


I was reading an article recently about the paradox that social media has created. On the one hand, we wildly over-share every moment and detail of our lives in ways that would have been unthinkable, awkward and uncouth even ten or twenty years ago. At the same time we’ve developed a glossy white-washing effect that … Read more