“What’s Your Style of Sexy?” Quiz

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What’s Your Style of Sexy?
Are you a Carrie Bradshaw or a Mrs. Smith? Just in time for Valentine’s Day you can take the “What’s Your Style of Sexy” quiz featured at True&Co., and find the perfect lingerie to go with your alter ego. Answer a few fun questions and True&Co. will show you suggested styles based on your quiz results. As an added bonus, you can register to win a $2,500 shopping spree from True&Co. by visiting the True&Co. blog for more details! I’m a Mrs. Smith and some of my favorites are below!

Here was my result:

You are:

Mrs. Smith


Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Your style is all about the sex appeal — and you don’t even have to try. You ooze confidence and sensuality — you’ve got a corset and some thigh highs, and you’re not afraid to use ‘em (not to mention that upper thigh holster).
Which I’m not unhappy with, Angelina Jolie rocks it out in that movie. Ok, basically in every movie! She truly is the woman who can do everything and look amazing at the same time.

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