SpookyEyes Dream Eyes Contact Lenses Review

Many of you know I’m completely obsessed with costuming and unusual make-up. Thus I was beyond thrilled to have the chance to check out products from SpookyEyes! That’s somewhere on the list of my dream jobs next to “ice cream tester” and “Hugh Jackman’s personal bed warmer”. My nieces were super excited about it too I thought we might have a fist fight over who got to wear them.

We got to test the Dream Eyes lenses in Soft Natural Violet. They’re available for $27.95 with free shipping- which considering the quality is a great price. These contacts have a high water content, which is important for comfort and breath-ability. There was some slight itching experienced after insertion, but this went away after a few minutes. Afterward the contacts were very comfortable to the point of being able to forget they were in.


I liked that the package included detailed instructions about disinfection and storage of the lenses, especially for those who’ve never used them before. Make sure you follow those instructions- never mess around with the health of your eyes!


These SpookyEyes aren’t very spooky- they’re definitely a more natural, subtle look. The lines of definition are more feathered and dotted than in some bolder looks, helping them to blend more easily with your natural eye color. The violet color is so pretty, and though I’m not sure anyone would be convinced you actually have violet eyes, people will definitely be stealing a second or third glance. And if violet isn’t your speed, there are tons of colors and patterns available just in the Dream Eyes line.



If you’re looking for something a little edgier and extreme, SpookyEyes certainly lives up to their name. I’m in love with their Silver Lenses, space age metallic and haunting. I’m also dying to try Black Out Lenses. How could those fail to send shivers up your spine? You kittens know Halloween is coming up and it is THE most important holiday of the year. Don’t dilly-dally, get those creative costume juices flowing now.

I received the products mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I only promote products to my readers that I actually use myself.

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