Peekapak Children’s Subscription Box Review

Peekapak is a fun new monthly subscription box aimed at children from ages 3-7. I like that it comes with an age guide with tips for how to get the most out of your experience with children of each age- yet they also don’t rigidly define which level your child should be at, recognizing instead that children grow and learn at their own individual pace.



Each Peekapak is based around a nicely illustrated book which incorporates learning into a colorful story. The learning experience is then enhanced and expanded with crafts and activities based on the story. A very clever idea!


The box we were given to review featured a dinosaur theme. Along the way, there are helpful parental notes to key you in to which character and behavioral traits you’re helping to develop as well as tips to help encourage play.


I found that the story was fun and engrossing enough to hold our attention. My little one is in the lower end of the age range, so some of the words were definitely a challenge- but I very much want her to be challenged and have her worldview expanded. Her favorite character was Leo the hedgehog.


The crafts were nicely thought-out to compliment the story. Everything we needed to complete each craft was included in the box, which I know other parents will appreciate as much as I did. No scrambling around to look for some obscure bit of crafting material!

The kit included a sun visor and a full-sized pattern to turn it into a dinosaur face. All of the materials were safe and appropriate for even the youngest children.

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Our favorite craft was the Dino World. This featured a plastic globe that could be opened into two pieces. We were encouraged to brainstorm about what a dino world would look like and write down our ideas. The kit included neat accessories like blue plastic jewels for water, leaves, a sponge that could be mountains or rock and small colorful dinosaurs. After creating our dinosaur-filled globe, they provided a colorful backdrop to place it in front of for even more realistic playtime. The box also included cut-outs of the characters and dinosaurs from the book which could be attached to popsicle sticks and used as puppets with the backdrop!

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We truly enjoyed our experience and I feel like these boxes are a valuable learning tool which will provide your children with hours of wholesome, educational play.


I received this product for review purposes but all opinions are strictly my own.

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