NEW Purex Crystals Aromatherapy Giveaway! 3 Winners, Ends 11/01

I’m kind of a smelly-good-stuff addict. From scented candles, rare perfumes, bubble baths down to even those cute little sachets you tuck into your drawers, being surrounded by sweet aromas is one of those small pleasures that just makes life a little more bearable even on the darkest days.

So I am a huge fan of the recent add-in laundry craze that has every brand offering their own twist on scent-boosters. If you haven’t encountered this trend, these are usually sprinkles or pacs of some kind that you toss in the washer and that leave your laundry highly scented for days or weeks afterward.

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy is one of my new favorites! Available starting this month, they come in three scents: Serenity, Well Being and Energy, each designed to uplift your mood and sooth your senses. They contain pure essential oils mixed with floral and citrus scents.


With the crystals, unlike the pre-measured packets from competitors, you can choose to add as much or as little to each load of laundry as you like. That way if you have tougher jobs, like smelly, greasy work clothes or sports uniforms, it’s easy to boost the amount and help eliminate odors. My favorite thing to use these for is when doing blankets, bed linens and towels. It’s so nice to slip into a soft, scented oasis each night.


I often get so busy during the week that the laundry builds up into a massive pile that must be tackled on the weekend. I found something funny- my dryer vents out beneath my wrap-around deck and after I’d spent all day catching up on the laundry while testing out the Purex crystals, when I stepped out onto the deck, my whole back yard smelled of oranges and flowers! :)

Purex has generously provided me with coupons so three of my readers can try the new Aromatherapy Crystals for free!

Use the easy Rafflecopter form below to enter. Winners will have 48 hours to respond to my email before I will choose someone new. This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Purex Insiders, but all opinions are always my own!



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21 thoughts on “NEW Purex Crystals Aromatherapy Giveaway! 3 Winners, Ends 11/01

  1. I have tried some brand of scent boosters before and i LOVE them! Especially on towels and linens! Would love to smell Serenity!

  2. I have used the Purex Crystals in the past and really liked them. I don’t remember which scent it was, but the yellow was my favorite (tropical, maybe?)

  3. Serenity keeps you calm all day long with the gentle scent of water-lilies and it sounds so delightful. I probably would also like the Well Being too. Thanks for sharing this review & giveaway.

  4. I haven’t tried Purex scent boosters yet but I would love to try Serenity. I would use that set on my bedding, towels, PJs, and bathrobe. I think it would really enhance relaxation.

  5. I have tried them and I really love them so I save them for special loads I want to really smell nice like towels and bedding and such.

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