Yay! The June Glossybox is here! You might recall from last month, a dear friend of mine gifted me with a subscription to this awesome service. Partially to show her how much I appreciate it, and partially because I just like to share, I am reporting the unboxing here each month!

This is the special Stars & Stripes Edition for the Fourth of July holiday season. As with last month’s edition, the box itself is a sturdy and lovely keepsake- this time featuring a patriotic theme and filled with red crinkly paper shred, blue tissue paper and wrapped in a pretty red ribbon.


First we have a full size Sumita Beauty Eye Shadow Pencil in Champagne. This is a golden color with a little bit of shimmer and seems good for a more subtle summer eye that won’t give you crazy raccoon eyes if it smears in the heat! This eye pencil has an $18 RV which is probably why I’ve never tried this brand. That’s one nice thing about subscription boxes, getting to try new high end products without as much financial risk.


Next we have Strangebeautiful by Colorbloc, an exclusive color pairing for Glossybox. First of all, I love the name. Secondly this will be super cute for patriotic manicures . Two mini bottles are packed together but feature full coverage brushes. This is another $18 RV item.


To keep your hands pretty and manicure-worthy, next up is Camille Beckman Platinum Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy. It has a sweet citrus scent featuring Lemongrass Vert & Sparkling Grapefruit.  I can tell this rich cream is deep-penetrating. It instantly softened my beach-and-garden-dried hands without feeling heavy or greasy. This product is $10 for a 1.35 oz. tube.


Rusk is a brand I’ve used for a long time and love. Here we have their Texture Dry Finishing Spray which is talc-free to avoid any ugly flakes or residue while still providing hold and texture. This might be perfect for my sometimes crazy anime hairstyles! The box sample is 1.5 oz but the full size 8oz retails for $18.00.


The next item sounds super luxurious and smells divine- Ayers Patagonia Body Butter.  It contains herbal extracts and vitamins and is scented with jasmine, rosemary, lavender, bergamot and fir. The included sample jar is 1 oz and the full size 6.7 oz retails for $28.00.


Now, I’m not sure if every Glossybox includes a gift card but both of the ones I’ve received have and that is one of my favorite parts! This month includes a surprise card to CWonder, with an up to $500 value! The site happens to be down while I’m writing this so I can’t check my card value BUT I can hardly wait to find out.



2 Thoughts on “June Glossybox : The Stars & Stripes Edition

  1. ellen beck on June 30, 2014 at 8:31 pm said:

    Very nice items I bet you will look lovely with fancy nails to go with some of those 4th of July table ideas!

  2. Da-hedgehogi on September 1, 2014 at 11:55 pm said:

    I am loving Glossybox more and more. I should subscribe to it some time. I love the colors in this box. Thanks for sharing!


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