HomeLogic Jasmine Spray Review

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Though my puppy is pretty well housebroken, lately he’s taking to sometimes lifting is leg on the furniture. Since he isn’t “fixed”, I think this may be a teenage puppy hormonal issue. But I digress! The point is, I’ve found myself looking for a spray that will eliminate the odor- not just mask it so he’s drawn back to the same spots- while also being safe and natural enough to use. After all, I consider him a beloved family member and much like I wouldn’t use harsh chemicals around my children, I believe in making a safe environment for my pets.


This Jasmine Mist Odor Eliminating Spray from HomeLogic has turned out to be an ideal solution. Natural HomeLogic products are free of sulfates, formaldehyde and ammonia,  and are 100% plant and mineral derived. They have a complete line of useful cleaning products to meet all of your individual needs.


The scent of the Jasmine Spray is definitely brisk and clean, without any chemical odors. Something that’s always bothered me about mainstream cleaners: why would I want to replace already bad odors with some fake, chemical-laden scent that is nearly as bad? The spray is also a pure, clear liquid instead of toxic-looking dayglo blue or orange!

The best ting about this spray is that it doesn’t merely cover up odors with a pretty scent. It actually works to break down and eliminate the odors in the air, on your furniture,carpets and other places. They recommend that you do a patch test on any new surfaces before using. I didn’t run into any issues or places where the spray could not be used.


I noticed an immediate difference after using the spray- the bad smells were just gone! I do think it’s helping the pup to not nervously sniff and re-mark spots in the house as well. Hopefully with a little work, I will break him of this habit, but I’ll still keep the Jasmine Spray on hand to deal with some of the not-so-fresh-smelling humans too!


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