Give Me A Call When You Decide You’re Willing To Fight.

This is a shout-out to the mommies who decide to set their daughters’ molesters on fire. I’ve seen so much dithering, mush-mouthed nonsense on this subject over the last few days, I absolutely want to puke. You know what? Sometimes trying to be a paragon of fairness and rational thought just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you truly need to choose a side.

And it’s funny how the same people who say we must be rational and fair and not jump to conclusions when it comes to subjects like RAPE and MOLESTATION and violence against women and girls have no problem forming strong opinions on any other topic. Ask them about Israel or Afghanistan or Korea, all which they probably can’t locate on a map, and they will angrily state their case. Facts generally don’t get in the way. Ask them anything: gay marriage, local politics, how to choose the best cantaloupe at the supermarket.

Just in case it isn’t clear where I stand, I will help you. Not on the side of the penis.

Let me just lay some painful facts out for you. Every 2 minutes just in America alone someone is sexually assaulted. 237,868 people every year. 60% of sexual assaults are never even reported and NINETY-SEVEN PERCENT OF RAPISTS WILL NEVER SPEND A DAY IN JAIL.  I know, oh god, numbers are hard, your eyes just glazed over. Tape your precious little eyelids open and stay with me here.

I would love for someone to name any other crime that is so widely under-reported and unpunished. You have  a higher chance of getting in trouble for jaywalking or littering. No wonder men are so sputteringly outraged when they get caught or charged. Everyone else gets away with it, it isn’t fairrrr.

Oh right, and that brings us back to my initial point. The mother in Washington state who recently set her husband on fire after he molested her 7-year-old daughter, afterward stating that she did it because shooting was “too nice” for him. There are a variety of responses, all amounting to the same thing.

“We mustn’t jump to conclusions! He hasn’t been convicted! We don’t know if she lied!” Now, aside from how nicely this plays into the sick patriarchal notion that women commonly lie about sexual assault to get back at a man who has scorned them or for attention or or or even if they were raped they were probably asking for it somehow, let me remind you that this particular victim was seven. years. old. Let me also just hit you with one more boring fact: the most recent studies show that the actual (instead of wildly inflated numbers that men’s rights activists would like you to believe) percentage of false sexual assault reporting hovers around just 2%. And of course he hasn’t been convicted. If we wait for rapists and molesters to be convicted before we call them what they are, there simply would never be any.

“I don’t blame the mom but she ruined her kid’s life! Now she’ll be in jail when her daughter needs her!” No. The man who touched that little girl attempted to ruin her life. You know what the mom did? She showed her child unequivocally that someone loved her enough to protect her, no matter the consequences. Whatever happens in that girl’s life from this point on, she will have that notion to hold in her heart and keep her strong.

“Violence is wrong! If something is wrong, then it’s always wrong regardless of the circumstances!” Again, no. You know why I keep driving home these statistics? Do you understand what their mere existence says about what we are willing to tolerate in this country, about what we find acceptable? One out of every six women in America has been sexually assaulted. Combine that with the 97% of rapists who will never go to jail. Now tell me that we don’t accept violence every single day without a blink. When the justice system provides no justice, there comes a time when you must rise up and demand it.

Maybe if more mommies set their daughters’ attackers on fire, men would have a reason to be afraid. Maybe if more women cut off their rapists’ penises, we’d have less rapes. At least these predators would have something to think about, since their current concern seems mainly to be developing a raw palm from their buddies aggressively high-fiving them for showing that slut her place and getting away with it.

Don’t mistakenly think that I’m saying the victim has some obligation to fight back, especially during the attack. This is another tactic used to shame women into keeping quiet- “Well you didn’t defend yourself! How was he supposed to know you didn’t want it?” First of all, yeah, the part where you were begging or crying or cursing or frozen in abject fear or asleep or passed out cold or basically not showing your consent in any way wasn’t enough to tip the poor dude off.  Men are easily confused. Hormones raging, y’know, blood rushing to places other than the brain. And secondly, yes, rape is the only crime where the victim is held to this ridiculous standard. Can you imagine if suddenly every crime reported by men was met with the same disdain and disbelief? “So your car was stolen. I see. Why aren’t your fingernails broken and bloody? Why aren’t you more beaten up? Think about what happened. Did you ever explicitly say ‘No you may not have my car sir but thanks for asking’?”

What I am saying is that if we as a society protected our children and women properly, it would go a long way towards stemming the tide of rapes and assaults. How do we do this? We teach little boys from the moment of birth that rape is unacceptable. That ever forcing yourself on another human being is utterly abhorrent. Teach them to respect women. Stop telling little girls that if they act or dress a certain way, they are sluts who deserve terrible things to happen to them. Stop teaching girls to tear each other down. Start making sure our current laws are enforced and hire officers who understand that rape is not some he-said/she-said game that women commonly stop by to report just for fun!

When society fails and a victim takes justice into her own hands, stop with the faux level-headed outrage. Look around you at the women and girls you love. Picture one out of every six of them being forced into sex against her will. I don’t know about you, but I’d be right there beside her filling up those gas cans. Save some of your outrage for the real moral travesty being wrought. Try to save up that outrage and hold onto it long enough to help make a real change in the world, instead of just long enough to switch to the next channel on tv.



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  1. Crap I timed out typing my response which was basically saying pass the gas can I am with you. i was busy griping too about a bunch of other stuff ha!

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