Easter Table Inspiration

I’m getting excited about decorating for Easter this year! I’ve found Pinterest to be overflowing with a treasure-trove of ideas and projects- so many that I really have to narrow it down and focus or I’ll never have time to complete any of them. While I contemplate the new elements I will add to this year’s celebration, I’ve found some pictures from last year’s table to share with you.

Easter table, monkey bunny

I used straw-like packing material to make little nests filled with candy eggs.

Easter table pink

Bright flowers, a pink tablecloth and green placemats. I also included a real bird nest and tiny, fragile speckled eggs I found abandoned in one of my flowerpots.

Easter candy table

I used Peeps and jellybeans to line vases flowers. This is done by inserting a smaller vase into the larger vessel so the flowers can have water but the candy remains edible!


Dyed devilled eggs

This was my favorite Pinterest find from last year: Easter-egg Dyed Deviled Eggs! It’s so easy you’ll be asking yourself why you never thought of it before. You simply boil the eggs as usual, crack and discard the shells. Then mix up the dyes from an egg-coloring kit, following the package instructions. Slice the eggs in half, putting the yolks aside for your filling. Then dip the egg halves into your dyes until you reach the color intensity you desire. Remove, let dry and fill as you normally would!

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