Casper Matresses



Casper is saving us all from that awkward sales experience in a mattress store, and saving us a lot of money too. We make a highly supportive memory foam and latex hybridized mattress that doesn’t feel hot or leave you feeling stuck. Queen size beds start at only $850- (1/3 of what you’d pay in a store)- and can be delivered same day in NYC or within 3-5 days across the USA. Why test for 4 minutes in a store, when you can try a Casper for 40 days with our hassle-free trial period (we pay for shipping both ways).

The Yam’s Take:

That sounds pretty amazing to me. I always assume trial-period means “good luck, sucker!” But a company willing to let you keep their products for over a month and then PAY for you to ship it back to them if you don’t like it? Seems like something worth looking into.


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