You’re The Closest To Heaven That I’ll Ever Be.

My showy irises have made their appearance, spreading further this year.  I love the purple ones for their delicate, veiny tracework pattern of decoration, bleeding into saturated ink-stained pools at the end of each bottom petal.

The iris was named from the Greek word for rainbow, denoting the multitude of colors the flowers span. In Greek mythology, Iris was a goddess of the sea and sky, the special messenger of Hera the Queen Goddess. Rainbows were her pathway to carry messages between Heaven and earth. Another meaning for the name is ‘eye of Heaven’, and it is said that in the irises of our eyes, we always carry a piece of Heaven with us.












5 thoughts on “You’re The Closest To Heaven That I’ll Ever Be.

  1. I lke visiting here , this post was like sitting among the iris and seeing the beautiful colors. You made it feel like an early spring day when the sun is warm and welcome.

  2. Beautiful photos!! I love Iris’ ,My dad always had flower gardens and though roses were his passion he did grow these among others.

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