The Wind Blew All Around Me

The Wind Blew All Around Me

It was so beautiful outside, like a child’s watercolor dream of fall. It was unseasonably warm but not uncomfortably so. The previous night’s rain had left everything with a glowing, over-saturated sheen of color. The wind danced and blustered, playing hide-and-go-seek with itself, swirling the bright confetti leaves madly in every direction.

Right before sunset, the entire sky turned the most unlikely shade of pumpkin orange. The woods tend to block any drama of the sun setting here- but this was more than a mere sunset anyway. It was by turns eerie and weepingly gorgeous.

It felt like you could drink the sky. Or float off in an improbable boat crafted of crinkling leaves and twisting gourd vines. Stay out all night and fall in love with the moon, howling poems at her until she deigned to slide down a rope of stars and love you back.

And that is one magical thing that happened in this carnivorous world today.


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