Why Tuft & Needle is Ruining America!

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Mattresses have become so overly complex and expensive that I’ve started to feel like I should be buying them from NASA. The bad part is, that with all the foam core technology, memory foam wrapping, adjustable sides that go up, sideways and will probably let you sleep hanging from your feet like a bat if you so choose- something seems to have gotten lost. Hm. Oh yeah. A comfy, affordable mattress that doesn’t take a 300 page manual to operate.

I’m a simple girl, I admit it. All I want is a supportive, soft place to curl up at night. The thing I love about Tuft & Needle is that everything from the construction process to the price of every step and material is completely transparent. Instead of marking up their mattresses by thousands of dollars, they choose to keep the price in a range that actual human beings can afford. Not only that, but they let you TEST their mattresses risk free, plus offer a ten year guarantee. Buncha weirdos, right? Get over there and buy a mattress before they kick these guys out of America.

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