White Manson Contact Lenses for Halloween!

White Manson Contact Lenses for Halloween!

***I received the contact lenses mentioned for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

I’m already a fan of the comfort, cost and quality of the contact lenses offered by Spooky Eyes! Some of you might remember my review of their Soft Natural Violet contacts from a few months ago. Since it is officially Halloween Month (the MOST important month of the year!) we were excited to try out their White Manson Contact Lenses.  These are reminiscent of the white-out contacts that Marilyn Manson often wears during his performances.

They came well-packaged, each lens in its own little bubble of solution, with instructions for use and care on the box. These are nice quality lenses that can last for up to a year once opened, if properly cared for. I’m not sure if these are slightly larger than the other lenses we tested, but we had a few initial problems inserting them- the lens would fold in half. After a few calming breaths, though, we managed to position them correctly. Afterward they were extremely comfortable, to the point of being totally unnoticeable from the wearer’s perspective.

They certainly weren’t unnoticeable from the viewer’s perspective though! The violet lenses we tested were much more subtle and natural. These White Contacts were more like KA-POW! Here I am! The effect is so spooky, cool and fun. We decided to put together two fun looks based around the lenses.


The first was a sort of possessed geisha dolly girl, ready for a tea party where you might want to pour your tea out instead of drinking it..just in case. For this look I used a pink glitter-covered tiny tophat with her hair in loose buns on each side of her head. I braided light blue clip-in hair pieces and looped them around the buns, tying each one off with mismatched pink and lavender ribbon.

On her eyes, cheeks and hairline I used a combination of Hard Candy Crush on Pink, NYC Sparkle Eye Dust in Pink Topaz and a few Tarte colors from my peacock palette. I used Maybelline Volum’ Express The Mega Plush Mascara and Victoria’s Secret pink Sugar Lip Gloss. Two tiny pink jewels went under the outer edge of each eye, almost on the top of the cheekbone. A pink silk bubble scarf and Precious Moments crib cross on pink ribbon finished the look.

Untitled-19999For the second look I decided to go for a bold black and red color scheme, sort of a noir-ish 1920’s vampire.

We kept the same basic theme, this time wrapping the buns in red Mardi Gras beads and switching the hat for a slightly larger black felt with red ribbon roses and a black mini veil. We also kept the same mascara, adding a wide band of red across the eye area, with a bit of fake blood dripping down one cheek. This really makes the contact lenses pop! A leather wrap bracelet and Swarovski crystal spider necklace in poisonous green finished things off.






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  1. Honey… you look awesome! The second is my favorite! Great! You get a ticket for the GiveAway Contest! Good luck, my dear!

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