Weird Beauty Moments: Thanks, Disney!

I was clearing off my reading table today, throwing out a bunch of fashion magazines, when I noticed an ad for Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse perfume.


It reminded me of when I first saw their ads: I was convinced the name was Modern MOUSE. This notion stuck with me through a long session of staring at the page, then staring off into space, trying to figure out WHY THE UNIVERSE HAD GONE WACKY. Now, if this had been Nylon Magazine and some younger, quirkier brand, I might not have flinched. But this was Estée Lauder in Glamour! One if the matronly grande dames of beauty, not exactly known for their irreverent humor.

I stared hard at the bottle noting that the black bows on the sides DID sort of resemble ears. The spray nozzle did sort of look like a little mousey nose. Perhaps the deep pockets of Disney were too much for even the venerable Lauders to resist, and this was all a ploy to launch Minnie to the height of sophistication.

Minnie’s Bow-tique and Playhouse Disney have taken over my life, you say? Next I’ll be reporting to you on the McQueen/McStuffins spring line? Step away from the mouse slowly, Jenna!

HEY. In my own defense, we live in a world where Minnie has her own OPI line (which was fabulous, darling, by the way!) and where Miss Piggy not only has OPI colors, she’s risen to become fashion editor at French Vogue. Yes I know that only happened in the movie, shut up. My point remains, in fashion and beauty nothing is ever, ever too strange to believe.

4 thoughts on “Weird Beauty Moments: Thanks, Disney!

  1. I have not heard of this perfume yet but I LOVE anything from Estee Lauder thanks for sharing this one I will have to check it out.

  2. I read stuff odd too. Mouse sounds reasonable to me, and Minnie deserves a perfume line. Not sure what a mouse perfume would smell like maybe cheese?

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