Vivid Wine Decanter

Vivid Wine Decanter

** This is a sponsored post and I received free products to facilitate it. All opinions are strictly my own.

I’m personally not a huge drinker, but I do love having high quality wines and beautiful glassware on hand for gatherings and holidays. It doesn’t get more lovely than this huge 45oz. lead-free crystal Wine Decanter with wide aerator base.


The decanter is lightweight yet substantial-feeling, The wide base is designed specifically to help aerate your wine more quickly, with the side bonus of creating a piece of glass with delicately gorgeous, flowing lines. I found it to be a center of conversation on my table during holiday parties, everyone exclaiming at its beauty.


Honestly, it makes such an elegant display that I find myself using it even for non-alcoholic drinks. Slicing lemons and strawberries, for instance, and floating them in the wide base with strawberry lemonade is both picture-perfect and delicious.


It is about 9-1/4″ high, handmade in Europe and retails for around $39.95. I recommend a long flexible soft brush for cleaning and also perhaps lining the sink with a towel before washing. This is a trick I learned from Martha Stewart and it has saved so much delicate glassware from catastrophe. I would also recommend purchasing a drying stand to support the weight of this while air drying upside down- otherwise you will never get it truly dry.

The company also offers a beautiful Wine Decanter Stopper, a brilliant glass sphere to top off the look with glowing style. It provides and airtight seal for wine and spirits so they don’t go “flat” or lose their flavor while resting. These are subtly flattened at the base to prevent a rolling escape and can also be used as pretty paperweights when not in service to your wine decanter.