Vitabath In Bloom: Asian Orchid & Coconut

Vitabath In Bloom: Asian Orchid & Coconut

The summer here this year seemed chilly and much too fleeting, racing off into fall with only the barest kiss. You know I love autumn, but it left me a bit befuddled and longing for the warm caress of the sun on my bare skin.

This Asian Orchid & Coconut scent from the Vitabath In Bloom collection was like a sweet balm on my soul. It hits you like a warm breeze off the ocean and transports you to some exotic isle with rare orchid blossoms carpeting the path at your feet and tropical trees heavily laden with coconuts and pomegranates swaying overhead. I can easily imagine myself lounging by the sea, a crown of flowers in my hair, drinking a sugary sweet concoction from a freshly opened coconut, inviting blue waters lapping at my toes.


I love that the whole collection contains skin enriching nutrients and an antioxidant rich super fruit blend: acai, goji, coffee, noni, pomegranate, green tea & mangosteen. So it not only smells heavenly, it’s also amazing for your skin!

The Body Mist goes on light as a petal and isn’t overpowering at all. This is also nice if you plan to use the whole set to layer your scent.


The Body Lotion is rich and creamy without being too heavy or greasy.


The Body Wash is lovely and sudsy, perfectly scented and nicely moisturizing as it cleans. It arrived with it’s own pretty matching scrubby poof.


If you’re looking to pamper yourself like the stars, this collection is perfect! It was recently given out to VIP guests at the Mark & Estel event at New York Fashion Week. How cool is that?