Velocity Boxing Big Size Inflatable Punching Bop Review

Velocity Boxing Big Size Inflatable Punching Bop Review

**This is a sponsored post. I have received free products to help facilitate my review but all opinions are my own.


I’ve been looking for fun new ways to keep the girls active during the summer, so we recently set up a spare room as a designated workout space. This is great for rainy days when it’s harder to pry them outside and I anticipate it will be useful for the winter months too.

This Velocity Boxing Punching Bag has been such a cool addition to that space. It isn’t as serious as an adult heavy bag for punching and kickboxing, yet it gives them a target and an outlet for those same moves.  At 56.6″ x 14″ it’s substantial in size and the vinyl feels thick and durable.


The bag comes with a handy foot pump that works to both inflate and deflate it. You can fill the base with water to keep it weighted and stabilized. The funnest part of this bag is the clear vinyl pouch at the middle top of the bag. It allows you to insert a photograph of anything or anyONE you choose. This is perfect anger therapy, especially for kids in today’s world, which can often be filled with bullies, “frenemies” and bureaucrats. Simply slip their pic into the pouch and KAPOW kick POW, your day just got better. Hey, it might save your kid a few detentions when they’ve gotten their aggression out instead of actually punching someone in the nose.

I could see this being great for a variety of other situations: parties, playrooms, even a front porch where everyone gets to take a swing to burn off the days frustration before walking in the door!