Upholstered Bench DIY Project

Upholstered Bench DIY Project

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Here’s a new one for you from the design pros at Homepolish. Mud cloth is a fabric traditionally handmade and is super beautiful and durable. Perfect for furniture upholstery, pillow covers or just draping over your sofa until you have time for an afternoon DIY. Check out this super simple upholstered bench DIY:

Step 1: (photo) Gather your materials! You can order 16” hairpin legs from hairpinlegs.com and Etsy has an amazing selection of mu cloth fabric. You can purchase your wood from a lumber yard and have them cut it down to any size. This bench is 44” long – a perfect 2-seater!

Step 2: (photo) Use a sanding block to smooth any rough edges on the wood.

Step 3: (photo) Trace around your board on the foam. Cut the foam to size using your wood as a template. Secure your foam to the wood using a multi-purpose spray adhesive.

Step 4: (photo) Lay the fabric on top of your foam and make sure you are aware of the pattern when choosing placement. Cut off any excess fabric – just make sure you have enough to cover the sides plus a couple of inches. Keep the extra fabric for the pillows you are going to make in the near future!

Step 5: (photo) Use your staple gun to secure the fabric on one side, stapling about an inch from the edge of the bench and spacing the staples about 1” apart. Hammer in the staples so they’re in there real good, repeat on the other side. The ends can be a bit tricky, so start by folding in the sides as if you were wrapping a gift and staple these flaps down. Fold the rest of the fabric up, making sure that the seam is along the edge of the bench (not at a diagonal like a gift). Staple, hammer and repeat!

Step 6: (photo) Place your hairpin legs about 3” from the edge of the bench for stability. Using your drill & wood screws, secure your hairpin legs to the wood through the pre-drilled holes.

Step 7: (photo) Flip her over and take a seat. You did it. You made a bench!

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