Ultimate Slime

Ultimate Slime

If you have kids, this probably isn’t news to you: slime is back! Or perhaps it never went anywhere, but it has definitely seen a recent surge in popularity. Fun tutorials on the internet have made it easier than ever to create your own slime concoctions at home- which is exactly what led to the publication of Ultimate Slime by Alyssa Jagan. She began as a wel-known Instagram slimer @CraftySlimeCreator and finally, after fandom demanded it, gathered her creations and tips together in book form.

This comprehensive guide combines the most enjoyable parts of science class with the gooiest parts of crafting. Labeled for kids ages 6+, I have a feeling that even teenagers- or perhaps especially teenagers- would love this as well.

The book is well-organized, starting us off with the basics of slime, safety tips, supply lists and master recipes that can be built upon later. The author then works her way up through adding color, texture and dimension. She then provides simple to follow recipes for beginner through advanced slimes. After you’ve learned everything you need to know about mixing slime, she finishes up with a whole section on satisfying ways to play with your finished product- from a slime stress-ball to slimes shaped into realistic-looking food. There are more than 100 projects and recipes included.

Every page is accompanied by bright, crisp photographs that illustrate step-by-step instructions as well as highlighting the exuberant playfulness of each type of slime.

I like that the recipes included are all safe and Borax-free. This would make a wonderful gift for any budding mad scientist in your life!

Ultimate Slime is available from Quarry Books.