Tragedy Strikes in Toyland

I have sad news. 🙁
The Mighty Thor Thunderpaw is so spoiled rotten that he has more toys than most children. And two brand new plushie beds. Neither of which he will sleep in because, duh, those are for dogs.
As part of my kamikaze spring cleaning mission I was like “Listen, buddy, oh lofty lord of the manor, some of this stuff has got to go.” So he went through his toys with me and helped decide which ones we could donate to the outside dogs.
Now he just has ONE bed full of toys, including fuzzy duck, weird dying chicken, alien head, squeaky airplane, baby-squirrels-in-a-tree and half-a-bone-that-doesn’t-squeak-now.
We were able to discard disembodied pink hand, squeaky newspaper, crinkle santa, and the-other-half-of-the-bone.
I decided I better wash all of this before putting them back out. This is where the sad news comes in. Unfortunately lambie, his FAVORITE lambie, bled out in the washing machine. 🙁
It was bad. There was stuffing everywhere. You wouldn’t think one little lamb could hold that much stuffing, but you would be wrong.
Please send cash in lieu of condolence toys, thanks.