The Yard in Autumn

The Yard in Autumn

I have so many posts in my head that I would like to make right now- fall crafts, Ray Bradbury, book reviews, GamerGate, Halloween ideas, autumn festivals. The problem with this being my absolute favorite time of year is that I’m so busy experiencing it, that it’s hard to find time to write about it! And that’s something I promised myself this year- I would drink in every moment of the season, not letting a single day scurry by without crunching through the leaves or feeling the wild wind in my hair or baking a pie or carving a pumpkin.

Time will slow down, if it takes every ounce of effort in my soul to make it so.

While I let some of those posts and thoughts percolate on the backburner, I decided the least I can do is begin bringing you photo posts of the lovely fall. Today features my pear trees, ready to be plucked; my pretty mosaic solar light and some other lanterns surrounded by the last fall flowers, purple-pink imapatiens; fresh-picked pumpkins; leaves; and Miss Naughty Wolf.


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