The Ultimate Travel Pillow Review

The Ultimate Travel Pillow Review

** I received this item in exchange for my honest opinion.

I’ve been known to drag my actual bed pillows and blankets with me on trips and to hotels. I take my traveling comfort very seriously. However, worries about dragging home bedbugs from strange places, plus the hassle of packing around my own pillows has led me to seek alternative options.

This Ultimate Travel Pillow from AirComfy is a nice multi-function option for cars, plane and train rides. It can be used either for neck or lower back support during your travels or even in an office setting.


The pillow comes uninflated and folded handily in its own cloth drawstring bag with a carbiner clip for easy storage or attachment to luggage. It features a nozzle that can be opened to allow the pillow to self-inflate or you can blow into the nozzle to help it inflate faster. When you’re ready to store it, you simply open the nozzle and squeeze the air out gently as you roll the pillow back up.

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The pillow itself is made of a stiff yet soft to the touch black material. It feels smooth under your skin and can be wiped clean with water. Its shape is perfect for supporting your neck or lower back. The back of the pillow features a sturdy strap, designed to attach to headrests. I prefer the pillow extra firm but you can adjust it to your personal preference by inflating it less fully.

Overall I found this to be a super handy item to have on hand, simple and light to pack, and very helpful in avoiding a stiff neck while traveling!