The Space Between The Stars

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The Space Between the Stars by Anne Corlett is an apocalyptic novel writ large. Imagine humanity spread throughout the galaxy. Now imagine on the day an apocalyptic event happens, you wake up having survived- not just one of the few people on earth, but one of the few people left on any inhabited planet. The … Read moreThe Space Between The Stars

i hate everyone but you

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“Dear Best Friend, I can already tell that I will hate everyone but you. Sincerely, Ava Helmer (that brunette who won’t leave you alone) We’re still in the same room, you weirdo. Stop crying. G” I feel like readers past a certain age aren’t going to fully grasp the artful dance of this book. If … Read morei hate everyone but you

On the Bookshelf for April!

Bunches of exciting new books have been magically appearing inside my mailbox this month. As I add them to the already teetering piles around here, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek on what some of my upcoming reads will be! Circling the Sun: A Novel Hardcover – Deckle Edge, July 28, 2015 by … Read moreOn the Bookshelf for April!

Dangerous Deceptions

I’m continually amazed at the current high quality of the books being written in the YA genre. If you believe yourself too mature to be mucking about in the children’s stable, I’d suggest you climb down off your peggy-leggy horse and meet me on the ground to bask in some of the most original, compelling … Read moreDangerous Deceptions

“Real Beauty Can’t Be Seen.”

Surely I must soon grow sick of dystopian worlds and apocalyptic visions. Well, not as long as writers keep feeding my habit with books of this caliber. Why am I continuously drawn to stories involving the utter destruction or transformation of humanity? This phenomenon isn’t limited to the fantasies of misanthropic yams! Look around. Zombies … Read more“Real Beauty Can’t Be Seen.”