I Can Dance on My Own Grave, Thank You.

So last month I took a little break from the internetz, coming online strictly to work and briefly check in with friends for 2 hours every 3-5 days. I did miss keeping up with everyone’s posts and also entering contests, BUT overall I felt it was a much more focused and efficient system. Healthier.   … Read more

Fabulous Fourth Of July Table

I decided to do a test run of my table setting for the Fourth of July. I thought I’d challenge myself by just gathering things from around the house to fit the theme instead of rushing out to buy more stuff. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in belongings, even while being grateful for the … Read more

A Month of Gratitude, Day 26: The Good Eggs

Holidays with my family are sort of like episodes of “I Survived”, but with less uplifting endings. You were thrown into a gully after being assaulted by a motorcycle gang? A wild boar gored you and a bear ate three of your fingers before you managed to crawl and claw your way back to safety? … Read more

A Month of Gratitude, Day 10: Kinship

It’s said that friends are the family you choose, and this is something I’ve always lived by. When your blood relations turn out to be disappointing, or toxic, or simply absent, you can make better choices. Form your own crazy, interwoven tribe from shared loves and shared experiences. I feel fiercely protective towards my friends. … Read more