BarkBox Totally ’90s Subscription Box Review

This post contains affiliate links. You can find a subscription box for everything under the sun now. Some of them are nicer and more useful than others! When I found BarkBox, I immediately wanted to try it out, because- well, the most important person in my life is my dog. Some of you might have … Read moreBarkBox Totally ’90s Subscription Box Review

4 Ways To Tell if You’re a Crazy Pet Parent

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1. Your pet eats better than you do. I was halfway through filling out a ten-page questionnaire regarding my dog’s breeding, eating habits, medical history, allergies and disposition all aimed at creating the perfect personalized gourmet dogfood blend for him, when I realized it was possible I’d lost my mind. This particular company would take … Read more4 Ways To Tell if You’re a Crazy Pet Parent

State of the Yam. #OnFloof

1.The moon has been wreaking havoc on my sleep. She and I need to have a serious talk. This always happens during the full moon, my already wildly technicolor dreams become even more strange. I often find myself sitting straight up in bed, too tired to truly wake yet too wary of returning to the … Read moreState of the Yam. #OnFloof

Tragedy Strikes in Toyland

I have sad news. 🙁   The Mighty Thor Thunderpaw is so spoiled rotten that he has more toys than most children. And two brand new plushie beds. Neither of which he will sleep in because, duh, those are for dogs.   As part of my kamikaze spring cleaning mission I was like “Listen, buddy, … Read moreTragedy Strikes in Toyland

A Month of Gratitude, Day 3: Comforting Creatures

I’ve always been a sucker for a fuzzy face. Okay, or a scaly, feathered, whiskered, hairless, you-name-it face. At five years old when we were living with a rat infestation of gigantic proportions, I would find the newborn baby ones, no bigger than the end of my pinkie finger, blind and pink and hairless, and … Read moreA Month of Gratitude, Day 3: Comforting Creatures

Bully Sticks Review

For this review I had to call in my World Renown Guest Tester, the Mighty Thor Thunderpaw. He says hi. He doesn’t want to discuss the haircut, thanks. It was a little traumatic and we weren’t on speaking terms for days. Moving on! Thor is very particular about his treats. He knows what he likes … Read moreBully Sticks Review

Lint Remover By Furzie

**This is a sponsored post. I have received free products to help facilitate my review but all opinions are my own. I’m a marshmallow-hearted animal lover, and unfortunately I’m sure quite a few people know this before we ever speak to each other by the amount of fur clinging to my clothes. It doesn’t help … Read moreLint Remover By Furzie

Miracle Coat Shampoo Review

Recently Monsieur Thunderpaw went for his first professional haircut, which was no small feat. (I’ve clipped him at home once before, but, well, we still don’t speak of that incident. Let’s just say it was much like when you were in the third grade and your mom cut your hair with a salad bowl as … Read moreMiracle Coat Shampoo Review