Sweetheart Paper Lanterns:  Quick & Easy Craft Project

Sweetheart Paper Lanterns: Quick & Easy Craft Project

Sweetheart Paper Lanterns: Quick & Easy Craft Project

These pretty Sweetheart Paper Lanterns are easy enough for kids to create and will look lovely floating above your Valentine’s party or scattered around the table. They are quick and simple to make yet will provide a big impact!

I personally love the delicate look of paper lanterns for just about any holiday or party occasion. Jut a few supplies and a few quick steps will transform simple white lanterns into a cheerful explosion of heart-covered decor.


  • 12″ White Round Paper Lanterns
  • Foam-backed 1″  heart-shaped rubber stamp
  • Acrylic paints:
  • I used Decoart Americana® colors Bubblegum Pink and Cinnamon Drop
  • Paintbrushes
  • Palette or paper plates
  • About 2-1/2 feet of wire-edged satin heart-printed ribbon for each lantern
  • Scissors


  1. Assemble each lantern before you begin if your lanterns are not pre-assembled. Usually there is a metal hanger that needs to be inserted into the paper sleeve to expand the lanterns and keep its shape.
  2. Pour a bit of the pink paint color onto your palette or paper plate. Smooth it out a bit until you have about a 1″ square of color.  Press your heart stamp firmly and evenly into the paint. Starting at one top edge of your lantern, gently but firmly press the stamp onto the paper. Since the paper lanterns have ridges, you probably won’t get a fully filled-out heart with each stamp. Don’t panic! You can either leave the hearts partially filled if you like that look or you can do as I’ve done. Simply dip your brish into the same color and follow the stamped outline to carefully fill in the heart. You can do all of your stamps first and then come back and fill them in all at once to streamline the process. Leave some spaces as you stamp because you will be adding red hearts next.
  3. Clean your heart stamp. Repeat step two using the red paint color and trying to evenly fill in any blank spots on the lantern. Let dry thoroughly.
  4. Cut a 2-1/2 ft. length of ribbon for each lantern. Find the center of the length of ribbon. Tie the ribbon at that point to the top hook of the metal hanger inside the lantern. Then tie the ribbon into a bow, arranging the ribbon ends so they curl down around the lantern.
  5. Hang your lanterns or scatter them around the room on tabletops and shelves. If you want to light them up, I recommend battery-operated tealights. Real candles inside paper lanterns are a bad plan.

These don’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day! Use them for any love-filled occasion; anniversaries, birthdays and more. Or simply use different stamps and colors to suit whatever kind of party you’re having.



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