Sweetheart Gift Bags

Sweetheart Gift Bags

Handmade gift bags add an extra layer of fabulousness to any present, plus they’re so simple and easy to make. Just a few quick steps will have you sending gifts out into the world in packages that will become keepsakes.

You can easily adjust this project to make bags that will fit any sized item. I’m in a pink mood from Valentine’s Day, but you can switch up colors to suit any occasion.



  • Tulle or other lightweight fabric in shades of pink
  • 1/4 inch pink silk ribbon
  • decorative fabrics in red and light pink
  • 5 inch wide silver jeweled ribbon
  • 3/4 inch heart shaped red jewels with connecting rings.
  • Flat bottomed clear glass pebbles
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Glue gun or fabric glue
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins


  1. For the larger bag, measure and cut a 20″ x 6″ length of tulle. Fold tulle in half longways. Pin each side 1/4″ from edge and sew with a straight stitch, leaving top open. Fold top edge down 2″ and sew into place 1/4″ from edge.
  2. Turn bag right side out. On each side of top of bag, make a small hole in the outer layer of fabric about 1/2″ down from top. Cut two 10″ lengths of silk ribbon. Thread one length through the holes on each side of your bag. Center the ribbons so they hang down equally on each side. Tie each set of ribbon ends together into a knot
  3. Thread red heart jewel onto each side and knot again.
  4. Cut a 5″ x 4″ length of the jeweled ribbon. Glue it into place on the front of your bag. Cut two pink hearts and two red hearts, about 1-3/4″ each. Glue these on top of ribbon in a circle. Glue one glass pebble at the center of hearts.
  5. For the smaller bag, follow the above steps, using instead a 4″x 10″ piece of tulle and  6″ lengths of ribbon. For decoration, instead cut on pink heart and one slightly larger heart from the jeweled ribbon.