Surprise by Mike Henson is a boldly graphic picture book that will delight babies and toddlers. The oversized hardcover edition is nicely proportioned for read-along time.

The book features brightly colored drawings with a hand-illustrated feel. The storyline is simple and easy for even the youngest children to follow. It’s Rabbit’s birthday and all of his friends are having a surprise party! But the surprises don’t stop at the front door. Every time the lights go out, a new surprise is revealed.

The colorful pages are interspersed with black pages as the lights go on and off, building a sense of excitement for kids and allowing them to anticipate what might come next- from costumes to dancing and entertainment, to the finale of a giant cake and presents.

It’s definitely light on words. I think the one issue I had with the book is that Rabbit’s friends are never introduced and I’m honestly not sure what animal one of them is supposed to be. If you have inquisitive kids like mine, you know they’re going to drive you crazy asking.

Aside from that, I think this is a worthy addition to any child’s bookshelf.


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