State of the Yam. #OnFloof

1.The moon has been wreaking havoc on my sleep. She and I need to have a serious talk. This always happens during the full moon, my already wildly technicolor dreams become even more strange. I often find myself sitting straight up in bed, too tired to truly wake yet too wary of returning to the clawing clutches of my dreams.

You may scoff at the idea of the lunar cycle having some power over our sleep. Scoff away, tiny human. A 2013 study published in  Current Biology showed  a scientific correlation – for a few days before, during and after the full moon, it takes about five minutes longer to fall asleep, sleep duration is reduced by 20 minutes and slumber is not as deep.

Aside from that, it seems a little egotistical to believe that this heavenly body, its pull strong enough to control the ocean tides, has no effect on us.

2.  I know I’ve been neglecting this blog. I really have no excuses. Life is busy but if you know me at all, you know I always have a lot to say. I think I worry about being too controversial or not family friendly enough here. Which is silly, as if families don’t go through hard situations or have to make tough choices. I may not sugarcoat my words or pretend to be some supermom that I’m not- but is that somehow a requirement for family-friendliness?

I’m going to endeavor to start writing here at least every few days.

3. The Mighty Thunderpaw is in his fully fluffed out state of fuzziness. He’s going in for a haircut after Easter, but for now he’s like a living teddy bear. I’ve noticed he doesn’t get that long, straight, kind of stringy-looking fur that most Maltese have- the longer his hair gets, the more it just fluffs out into a super soft, giant white afro. I prefer this!

He and I were discussing his fur the other day. We decided the term “on fleek” is soooo 2015. We’ve decided to launch a new term: on floof! That’s HASHTAG onfloof for you social media mavens out there. We feel like this is gonna go viral, so remember you heard it here first. When you feelin’ yo’self and you just gotta crow? #OnFloof! When your fuzzy white ‘fro be floofin’ just so? #OnFloof! Use it, love it, spread it like herpes at a middle school lipstick party.