Springing Ahead With A Clean Start! #UnderWarrior #SaveTheUndies

Springing Ahead With A Clean Start! #UnderWarrior #SaveTheUndies


As some of you know, I’m a little bit of a dark child at heart. This is especially apparent in my makeup and fashion choices. Smoky eyes, blood red lips and nails. And my wardrobe could best be described as, well…black. With the occasional grey or dark red thrown in just to lighten things up!

However, I do have an alternate personality bopping around inside my head. This one loves all things pink and glitter and crisply stark white. She’s a little bit Japanese Lolita, cutie kawaii, Victorian doll, pastry confection, 80’s glam, Betsey Johnson, Eloise at the Plaza, rawwwwther divine. All these things and more rolled into one. My point is, spring is the perfect time to let her out to play. While she might be outside my personal comfort zone, other people are less likely to look askance at pastels parading by in the shiny newness of springtime.

One thing I always worry about, when venturing outside my dark garb, is that certain time of the month. Yes. That one. Period blood dotting my pink pennifore may certainly be A Look, but not the look I’m really going for. This is where U by Kotex® 3D Capture Core technology has saved my life! With these fantastic pads, I’m truly able to forget about leaks and just focus on being a sparkling butterfly. Thus I’m proud to be a secret ninja UnderWarrior!
U by Kotex® offers a full line of feminine care products for periods including pads, liners and tampons. Outstanding protection that keeps you one step ahead. U by Kotex® Ultra Thin Pads have 3D Capture Core, a one-of-a-kind center that locks away wetness to help stop leaks.


CleanWear® and AllNighter® pads have a 3D Capture Core that quickly draws in and locks away wetness.  These period pads offer super-soft sides for your comfort and are uniquely shaped with wings for a secure fit that helps prevent bunching. These unscented ultra-thin period pads for women (free of artificial scents and fragrances) come in easy-open wrappers in four fearless designs. They are breathable with a cottony soft touch.

You, my sweet kittens, need these in your life as well! Join me in the Save the Undies campaign today to achieve your official UnderWarrior status. Visit this page and find the 3D Capture Core samples that best fit your personal mission. Click on the “Get Sample” button and enter your mailing information to receive  free samples of U by Kotex®!

You can thank me later!