Snow Days: The Best Time To Be A Kid!

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I think the paradox of childhood is that we aren’t equipped to appreciate just how fabulous it really is until we’ve left it far behind. Much of that glorious time is wasted on the fidgety feelings of hurry-up-and-wait and do-as-you’re-told.

So while I think it’s hard to choose, I do believe the winter holidays are the VERY best time to be a kid. The sense of magic that not only Santa and his land full of elves and toys bring- but also the very real magic of a snowday. Going to bed with whispers of “how many feet” echoing about the house and awaking to a formerly drab world blanketed in sparkling spun sugar whiteness. This ephemeral white substance with the power to halt buses, cancel schools, and start neighborhood-wide snowball battles.

Falling back to make  snow angels, arms flailing, cheeks rosy. Building entire towns full of snow people. And sledding! Oh sledding, all Calvin and Hobbes kamikaze style, heart fluttering in your chest. And then tumbling into the warmth of your house long enough to unfreeze fingers around cups of hot cocoa, dry your mittens, make your game plan before rushing right back out into the fray again.

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