Sewing With Kids from Maddie Moes

Sewing With Kids from Maddie Moes

I received this adorable package from Janice at – all the way from Ireland! It was wrapped up so prettily with love tape and handmade hang tags.

The cute muslin bag contains everything a child would need to get started sewing: a button-holding bottle with a pincushion lid plus plenty of buttons and lovely pastel-topped pins, a sweet assortment of fabrics, sewing needles in their own holder, a heart-shaped tin for holding extra pins and notions, a measuring tape, and scissors all color-coordinated!


This came at a perfect time, as my niece Brooklyn has been taking a home economics class this year and has become very interested in sewing and crafting. So far she’s only done projects from kits, but I told her I’d help her branch out into more complex areas and even making her own patterns. These fabric would be a great fit for a fresh spring project perhaps a cute purse or new dresses for her dolls. I will post later with pictures of the work in progress and the finished design.

In the meantime, check out Maddie Moes Etsy shop for handmade items with a vintage flair: